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With experience totalling 20 years within the residential & commercial market, we offer an in-depth knowledge in regards to acquisitions of residential & commercial property. We have dealt with all matters concerning building pathology, from carrying out remedial surveys and associated works, such as damp and timber treatment, to performing structural repairs and alterations to property.


Full Building Survey


The Full Building Survey or Structural Survey is best suited to older properties or ones of bespoke construction. It also is advisable to use this type of survey on those properties which have had historical structural works carried out.

This type of survey includes a full inspection of all accessible parts of the property and reports in detail upon everything that can be seen. The report is produced in a bespoke style to suit your requirements and those of the property in question and the report will deal with all parts of the building and covers defects or maintenance issues in detail.


Property Condition Survey


We offer Property Condition surveys (acquisitions) aimed at residential property which are in disrepair, need of refurbishment, alterations or where extensions are proposed etc. This type of survey gives the client guidance on the defects, planning and building regulation issues associated with the purchase and the feasibility costs involved. It will establish whether or not to examine the property in more detail or to walk away.

Such a survey will not identify all defects and is not a substitute for a full Building Survey which will identify in more detail the buildings structure.

A written report in the form off a letter, based on a visual inspection with Photographs, will advise the client on our findings. This  follows either a verbal discussion by telephone, or in the form of a meeting with the client at the property.

The client will also be given an estimate on the predicted expenditure to the property, so it is vital to give all the necessary information in regards to requirements, or it may affect the advice given.


Timber and damp surveys


The correct identification of damp and timber problems within property, including building defects is important in establishing whether or not it will be necessary in to carry out expensive remedial works. By providing an independent survey you will be safe in the knowledge that our findings will be based totally on the building’s needs, as we do not desire to carry out any works.

The report will state all findings including photographic evidence, as well as advice on recommended remedial matters and the costs involved.


Measured Building Surveys


DL Building Consultants Measured building surveys  are suitable for anyone in need of an accurate building plan including home owners, landlords, facilities managers and building owners / lessees. Costs depend on the level of service required and the complexity of the building. Typical costs for preparing a measured survey of residential properties, showing basic building plan layouts, are around £3-£7 per m² of building floor areas and elevations, with floor areas only around £1.50 per m².

Pleases contact DL for further information in regards to estimated costs.


Shedules of Condition


Schedules of Condition are required for a variety of reasons, whether it is to be attached to a lease or to be carried out at the end of a lease to confirm the condition of the property and list repairs to be carried out by the tenant.

A condition survey may also be requested when major works are being undertaken that could possibly affect neighbouring roads or properties. For these reasons a photographic record of the condition of a building is required.

DL Building Consultants are able to provide a cost-effective and detailed service to give potential clients peace of mind.

For further information on our surveys, including offer and acceptance of contract, terms and conditions and with regards to payment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please refer to our price guide for further information regarding our fees. All measured building features are carefully measured on site, with detailed drawings prepared off site using CAD software. I can supply drawings on paper at any convenient scale, or in digital format as PDF, DWG (AutoCAD) or DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) by email or on disc.

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