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Specialising in residential estimating to both building contractors and self-builders alike throughout the United Kingdom, DL can accurately take off all types of drawings in DWG, DXF, PDF, Jpeg, and Bitmap and paper format.

Our fees are competitively priced in relation to the level of detail included within our estimates.

It is worth mentioning however that the more information provided in relation to your project, the more detailed account of your requirements can be provided. For example the inclusion of such items as site photographs and basic specifications.


The self-builder or private individual will be given a full breakdown of projected costs based on the national average building contractors mark up of around 18%. This should give a good indication of what to expect when contractors tender for your work. We can include labour rates as requested and change profit margins to suit the individual. All materials included within the specification will be set as default within our software, which are in line with current building regulations. If you require materials as shown on the specification drawings, please state. This will incur a nominal fee for research of the said items.


Allowances cannot be made however in relation to national variations and prices may vary on average between 5% - 10%, dependent on your area.

The fact that we are independent and are not tendering for your work, leaves you with the knowledge that only a true account of what we believe your needs are, will be estimated.


The contractor will be given the same full projected costs as the self-builder, but resources such as labour rates and personal profit margins can be adjusted to coincide with your companies’ requirements. We will also provide your customer quote in word format so you will be able to amend any changes such as specifications and price.



Please refer to our price guide for further information regarding our fees. For further information with regards to payment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once payment has been received you will be notified and asked to upload all files.

All estimates will be based on our standard 6 day service, taken from the next working day following receipt of payment.

If you require a postal service, or prefer not to pay online, please don't hesitate to contact us in regards to further options that are available.



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